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Oh wow! This is awesome! I want my entire life to smell this great!
by magicouture on French Model Breakfast

Ahhhhh, bliss! This stuff is incredible - you'll want to put it on all over just so you can smell it! My car broke down in the post office parking lot the night I picked up this package, and I just contented myself sniffing the lovely stuff from SuperBad while I waited for a tow truck!
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Just buy it. Your thighs will thank you later.
by elvenkitty on Super Bad Dusting Powder

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Give Up the Ghost Perfumes

Here's a prototype bottle of my ghost know the ones I made for Megan Crewe, author of Give Up the Ghost. The book is being released on Sept. 15!

This bottle is 1/4 oz. of smell goodness. I hope to get some books to offer gift sets, as these would make AWESOME gifts for the young adult book readin' set. Something I would have LOVED when I was a kid.

I am very happy with how these came out. Took me DAYS to figure out how to make it work.

So anyway, I'll be back to post the progress and update y'all when I get them all ready. Whee!

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