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Oh wow! This is awesome! I want my entire life to smell this great!
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Ahhhhh, bliss! This stuff is incredible - you'll want to put it on all over just so you can smell it! My car broke down in the post office parking lot the night I picked up this package, and I just contented myself sniffing the lovely stuff from SuperBad while I waited for a tow truck!
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Just buy it. Your thighs will thank you later.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Cocoon in Copper

Oh lookie here! A blog update...what's gotten in to me???


Well, I wanted brag a little about my new bracelet that's heading my way. ^^See^^

My etsy pal jetflair made it for me! I mailed her some cabochons I made in my glass kiln and she picked this one to set in silver & solder to a cool copper cuff!

That particular cabochon has been kicking around this place for a while now. It never exactly inspired me. I always thought it looked like a chrysalis, cocoon, kind of buggy. I kind of just tossed it in with the others for her to have--thinking it didn't do much for me--so let it go to someone else (cough, cough get it out of my house)...

Now it's coming back all transformed into beautiful bangle!

I just love it. I can't wait to get it & try it out on my freakishly thin wrists.


Christy said...

Wow! I love it!

Distinction Jewelry said...

Squeee! I have it all boxed up and ready to go in the mail to you, now watch me try to actually get to the post office! Seriously though, thanks for featuring me in your awesome blog :D